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The Taxonomist platform is a great way to discover taxonomy. When I began working on the Taxonomist app, my aim was to create something that everyone could use to learn more about the origin of the species and their connections, even if they had never worked with taxonomical data before.

In order to do this, the app includes a little built-in database containing basic information about some of the popular species anyone could search. Moreover, they are translated into a lot of languages, so users don't even have to know the scientific name of the species they're looking for. Instead, you can find that taxon simply by typing its common name.

Initially, I just updated the database with each app update. Now the database for such an ambitious project is this web platform itself. Thanks to your help, we'll make life sciences friendlier to even more people!


 Everyone can help

By the time the beta stage has ended, you will be able to sign up on this site to start adding and editing contents and translations.

 Open source

Taxonomist is powered by the TaxonomyKit open source project. And obviously, both the app and the framework are completely free.

 Environment focused

The whole platform was inspired by the love for science and biodiversity, granting a central role to carefully reviewed conservation info.


 Your language is welcome

The main goal of this database is to include taxa names and info in as many languages and dialects as possible. Diversity makes us stronger! :)

 Automatic integration

Whenever any taxon is registered or updated on this website, the new data gets automatically integrated into the next Taxonomist app release.


Every picture and abstract shown by Taxonomist comes from the incredible work made by the NCBI and Wikipedia users, so contents are self-updating.



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